All of us rented a temporary industrial steam boiler

Occasionally the unexpected happens when you own a large manufacturing facility. The weather is starting to cool down, which means every one of us are suddenly trying to reach our Wintertide quotas. My contractor creates plastic dishware that you find in large department stores. All of us make everything from cereal bowls to small storage tubs. Like multiple other industries, our demand surges during the holiday season. People host parties for 1 holiday to the next, starting with Halloween in October plus ending with Valentine’s Day in February. I l earned from past failures plus implemented plans each year to double production in the weeks leading up to the wave of holidays in the Wintertide season. The problem I’m faced with right now is poor plus threatens the livelihood of our dealer. Our large steam boiler has failed plus our facility is separate from heat of any kind. All of us live in the northeast so the hot plus cold temperatures each afternoon are dropping considerably. I fear that I won’t be able to get a modern boiler installed inside the factory until it’s already too late. I can’t afford to let our production stall out to nothing during the busiest time of the year. When I found out that I could rent a temporary industrial steam boiler that can be delivered to our facility on a towable skid in a matter of days, I nearly broke down plus cried. I wasn’t in despair, I was so relieved that I couldn’t handle the emotions. I called the contractor that I was referred to plus have already made plans with them to supply the rental industrial steam boiler next week. This rental steam boiler is going to save our contractor from collapse.



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