Keeping things quiet

I am not the type of person that really cares about putting things in our ears, and it is legitimately uncomfortable first off, however second off, ever since I had an ear infection when I was a young man I don’t like anything in our ears, then however, I had to go out and buy ear plugs recently in order to sleep! The reason for this is because our central heating and a/c system is noisy, and there isn’t anything wrong with our Heating as well as Air Conditioning component due to the fact that I had a certified heat and a/c specialist come out to look at it not all that long ago and he said it was all certainly working fine.

He just gave the central heating and a/c system a tune up and that was it, however the thing cares about making this rattling sound when it comes on, and the central heating and cooling component is placed right outside our home office window. Therefore every damn time it comes on while I’m trying to sleep I get woken up. It honestly is a major hassle to tell you the truth. So buying ear plugs and wearing them while I sleep is the only way to hold back from getting jolted out of our sleep every time the heating and cooling system comes on. It has certainly been working fine. However, I am tired when I have to wear these things; When I lay down to go to sleep I have to get used to the feeling of them. And then when I wake up, it kind of bothers me having these things in our ears. If you ask me the only answer to this noise issue would be to eventually just get a current quiet central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.

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