From analog to digital days

It has been over a month and a half now, and our billboard has not been updated.

I have already come up with a new logo for our dealership, and I would like to update the billboard, but it’s been an incredibly slow process getting the design swapped.

As well as all of the paper flyers I would hand out I would sadly see littered across the streets. There honestly didn’t seem to be much of a point in advertising when nobody bothered to even glance at it before throwing it out. I mean, do people easily take a nice long look at a billboard or magazine? I think, unless they have nothing better to do, all the people do with them is just rush, rush, rush and nothing else. As I sat watching TV, a new commercial about a web builder came on, and that was right about when I had the idea. I’m sick and tired of manual advertising, especially since I know most of it doesn’t seem to work. Everyone these days uses the internet, and a website is a single of the best ways to attract attention from modern buyers. I was honestly surprised I hadn’t thought of this earlier, but now that I have thought of it, I found the website that did basic web design for free or a more premium version was priced for around $20. I had already wasted so much money with excessive billboards, I decided to honestly invest and went with the higher priced premium version. The web builder made building a website particularly easy to accomplish, and I was able to choose the design. I am so blissful I switched to digital marketing, because it’s goodbye time for consuming billboards that don’t honestly work to begin with.


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