Our cat was overheated, so we upgraded our AC system

My boyfriend and I live together with a really old cat. If we converted his age to human years, he would be over 80 years old! The old cat gets too hot, especially in the summer. It is crucial that we have a top-notch a/c plan installed for him. It’s because of this cat that we started properly getting our Heating and A/C plan serviced. Before, we only had our Heating and A/C plan serviced when it wasn’t working properly. This cat is also the reason we installed a smart temperature control so that we can always make sure that it is cool enough for him even when we’re not home. This all came about numerous summers ago when our a/c shut off. It wasn’t too bad for my boyfriend and I, so we got some window a/c systems and turned the fans on until it was cool enough. We waited for the Heating and A/C supplier to send over a Heating and A/C specialist. Then, we started noticing that our cat was not doing well at all. We entirely thought he might die! We took him to the veterinarian and they told us that he was overheated. He explained that when pets get older, it’s common to overheat. It was then and there that we decided we wanted to do more than repair our Heating and A/C system, we wanted to update it. We told the Heating and A/C specialist about our predicament and he explained that we should update our a/c and switch to a smart temperature control. We agreed, and the price wasn’t too bad either. We’re entirely ecstatic that we upgraded our Heating and A/C plan because we want to have our cat forever.