My dog was too hot, so I updated my AC system

I live by myself with a super old dog.

If I converted his age over to human years, he’d probably be over 90 years old! The poor ancient thing gets really hot, especially during the summer months.

It is crucial that I have a top-notch a/c plan at the house. It’s because of my dog that I began having my Heating plus A/C plan looked after. Before him, I only had the Heating plus A/C plan looked after if something was broken. My dog is also the reason I installed a smart control component so that I can consistently make sure it is cool enough for him when I’m not there with him. This all began about two summers ago when the a/c stopped working. Like I said, I live by myself so for me it wasn’t a big deal. I got some window a/c units installed plus turned the fans on until things got cooler while I waited for the Heating plus A/C corporation to send out a Heating plus A/C specialist. Then, I began noticing my dog wasn’t doing well at all. I really thought he was going to die! I took him to the veterinarian right away plus they told me that my dog was overheated. He explained that when dogs age, it’s common. It was then plus there that I made the decision to do more than repair the Heating plus A/C system. I wanted to substitute it entirely. I told the Heating plus A/C specialist about the predicament I was in plus he explained that I should substitute my a/c plus switch to a smart control unit instead. I obliged, plus the price wasn’t expensive. I’m really cheerful that I updated the Heating plus A/C plan because I want to have my dog around for as long as possible.



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