Dog gets hot in the summer, keep house cool

I live alone with a really old dog. I mean, really old. I would say if I converted his age to human years, he would be over 100! The poor old thing gets really hot, especially in the summer. It’s important that I have a top-notch air conditioning system for him. It’s because of my dog that I started regularly getting my HVAC system serviced– before I only had my HVAC system serviced when it was broken– and he’s also the reason I installed a smart thermostat so that I can always make sure that it’s cool enough for him even when I’m not home. This all came about two summers ago when my air conditioner went out. Like I said, I live alone so for me it wasn’t too bad. I got some window air conditioners and turned the fans on until it cooled off a little bit while I waited for the HVAC company to send out an HVAC technician. Then, I started noticing that my dog was not doing well at all. I really thought he might die! I took him to the veterinarian and he told me my dog was overheated. He explained that when dogs get old that it’s very common for this to happen. It was then and there that I decided I wanted to do more than repair my HVAC system, I wanted to upgrade it. I told the HVAC technician about my predicament and he explained that I should upgrade my air conditioner and switch to a smart thermostat. I agreed, and the price wasn’t that much higher. I’m really glad that I updated my HVAC system because I want to have as many years with my dog as possible!
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