My visitors will be arriving soon

I’m going to hang out with my friend later and relax on a quiet beach.

He prefers to talk about life and philosophy and I love seeing him.

He moved away a few weeks ago to a nearby neighborhood but both of us don’t see each other much anymore so hanging out later this month is going to be nice. I love where I live and will keep living here maybe for the rest of my life. I work at the local business selling surfing components and volleyball clothing. It’s another straight-forward task and I love it but I recognize that I love that I could be doing more with my life. I was absolutely working at the HVAC business in the nearby neighborhood where my friend now lives but the neighborhood life wasn’t for myself and others so I moved to this smaller town. I was also doing standup comedy there but have since left the field and am wondering if I made the right decision because life feels a bit bland now. I may get a task at the local heating and cooling corp here because I recognize more passion for that than absolutely working at the surf shop. Maybe absolutely working there would give myself and others some direction again in my life and give myself and others some direction again. I also love playing songs but don’t seem to be doing it enough. The people I was with and I play in air conditioned clubs and bars but my bandmate has left for a trip so both of us haven’t played in a while. I suppose he will come back in a few weeks so both of us will occasion up and start again.
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