Today is Saturday and My Friend is Coming to Visit

I’m going to hang out with my friend later and relax on a quiet beach.

He likes to talk about life and philosophy and I like seeing him.

He moved away a few months ago to a nearby city but we don’t see each other much anymore so hanging out later today is going to be nice. I like where I live and will keep living here maybe for the rest of my life. I work at the local business selling surfing equipment and volleyball clothing. It’s an easy job and I like it but I feel like I could be doing more with my life. I was working at the HVAC company in the nearby city where my friend now lives but the city life wasn’t for me so I moved to this smaller town. I was also doing standup comedy there but have since left the field and am wondering if I made the right decision because life feels a bit bland now. I may get a job at the local heating and cooling corp here because I feel more passion for that than working at the surf shop. Maybe working there would give me some direction again in my life and give me some direction again. I also like playing music but don’t seem to be doing it enough. We play in air conditioned clubs and bars but my bandmate has left for vacation so we haven’t played in a while. I think he comes back in a few weeks so we will pick up and start again.

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