Too Many People to Visit and Not Enough Time

I feel a bit guilty because I have all of these friends and family here but not enough time to spend with each of them.

Some of them may think that I don’t care about them anymore because I am not visiting them but I only have so much time here before I have to go back to my other home overseas.

I have family, comedy friends, volleyball friends, high school friends, and all sorts of other friends. I wish I could take some of these excess friends and bring them back when I go overseas. My HVAC businessman friend overseas has taken the place of a lot of my friends while I am living there because we play volleyball together and sing in a band together. I also work with him when I need some extra money and he needs some help. We installed a heat pump a few weeks ago in a commercial building and he paid me very well to help him for a few days. It’s not an easy job crawling around in attics but I’ve done it many times so it really wasn’t that difficult. We took out the electric heat pump, which was broken, and installed a geothermal heat pump to save the company money on their heating bills. I am glad to have friends like the HVAC specialist because my family is so far away. I think I will start going back to the states every six months and stay for a month. I am going to go help my cousin now with cleaning her HVAC system.

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