It’s still sort of taxing for myself and others to fathom that I own a house with a pool much less a pool house as well. The main house sits a few hundred yards up a hill from the back pool. So if you’re hanging by the pool for the afternoon in the summer, a bit of a/c can come in absolutely handy. Hence, the pool house as well as the ductless heat pump that wins the afternoon as far as I’m worried. I’m just so impressed with the ductless mini split the heating as well as the air conditioning professionals installed. At first, I was sort of hesitant to even build a pool house. I mean, I had apartments with terrible heating as well as cooling that weren’t as important as the pool house we designed. My wife was keen to throw in a bit of kitchen as well as a grill area. Actually, that was a genius call on her part. I care about being able to extend the summer afternoon at the pool knowing there are refreshments as well as grub at the ready. But the thing I guess I like most about the pool house is a bit unexpected. I like being able to get sun as well as swim in the day. This sort of makes myself and others relaxed in a considerably wonderful way. So then, I slip inside the pool house a/c, press play on some music as well as sort of nap. I’m not sure you’d even call in napping as much as it’s just sort of the deepest of relaxation. I just care about these moments. And having the heating as well as air conditioning cooling absolutely makes a full blown difference for sure.

Putting a ductless heat pump in a pool house to great effect


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