A call to the wrong heating dealer

Kim, my teenage daughter, told me that she had called the home services company.

Our furnace needed heating repair because all the hot water faucets including the shower had cold water.

By late afternoon I was convinced that Kim had not made that call because the HVAC serviceman had not arrived yet. Just when I was about to make that call, I heard the doorbell and on opening it was the HVAC tech. I told him all the problems that we were facing due to the malfunction of the heating device. I also added that we needed heating maintenance because it had been two years since we had one. It was only after I was done that he told me that we must have called the wrong heating dealer because their company specialises in geo heat pump installation and care. I was furious because this was yet another time that my daughter proved she had to be supervised to do something correctly. I apologized to the man and he was kind enough to fix it. He also checked the ductwork which needed duct sealing in several places including resetting the digital thermostat. After he was done, he told me all about geothermal heating technology and the advantages of such a system. It was clear that the geo heat pump has irrefutable pros. It was something I had never thought about until that day and by the time he left I was considering it but I would have to save more. Since none of us had taken a shower the whole day, it was a race as to who would get to the bathroom first.

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