My Aunt’s house needed major HVAC work

Moving into my Aunt Jane’s old house felt weird at first.

I had spent a lot of time here as a little kid, and back then it felt huge. Now it felt like what it was — a small one bedroom condo with a modest backyard. There were a lot of powerful memories in that house, but there was also a pervasive smell of Aunt Jane. She was a chain smoker, which is actually the very reason she is no longer with us, and the cause for me inheriting her home. I had to replace all the carpets and drapes, but I also needed some major HVAC work done. Technically speaking the air conditioning still worked, but it was raspy, creaky, and smelled terrible. Not to mention it was weak with the air flow, and the cooling levels were not much better. I checked the air filter, which was so old and dirty it had actually crusted over and cracked down the middle. I didn’t even know an air filter could do that! This meant that for lord only knows how long, there had been no air filter in the system, so the dust, smoke, and pet dander had started to accumulate throughout the air ducts. I would need deep cleaning done on the entire air duct system, not to mention the new central HVAC I would need to get. I can’t complain, the house was gifted to me, so spending a few grand on HVAC components is not the end of the world. I hope the new HVAC helps with this stale, gross cigarette smell.