Hybrid heating system is worth the investment

Living in the northeastern part of the country makes temperature control a year round concern.

There’s seldom a time when we don’t require either heating or cooling to maintain a comfortable home.

Our local temperature fluctuates from the nineties down to the negative twenties. We experience everything from high humidity to brutal wind chill. High winds, sleet, hail, snow and torrential downpour all regular parts of our weather forecast. The cost of heating and cooling is a significant percentage of the household budget. I invested a significant amount of money into a hybrid heating system. While this type of temperature control requires a much higher initial cost than a more conventional option, it quickly pays for itself in energy savings. A hybrid heating system combines a forced air furnace with an electric heat pump. The heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity but doesn’t burn fossil fuels. It uses refrigerant to move heat energy between the indoors and outdoors. In cooling mode, the heat pump operates much like an air conditioner. In heating mode, the heat pump reverses the flow of refrigerant, draws ambient heat from outside air and warms up the house. It eliminates worries over greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide. The heat pump runs quietly, is especially clean and minimizes our carbon footprint. It’s highly energy efficient and keeps running costs low. The heat pump becomes less effective when the temperature drops below freezing. The furnace automatically starts up and manages our household comfort for as long as necessary. No matter what the weather brings, we’re prepared.
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