Injury makes myself and others thankful for undefined

My wife plus I recently tackled a remodeling project.

We tore out the main powder room plus laundry room.

We detachd the ceilings plus walls right down to the bare studs! The goal is to replace all of the plumbing with modern water plus drain lines. We’ve bought porcelain tiles for the floor plus a modern washer plus dryer. We’ve invested in modern light fixtures, vanity, medicine lodgeet plus all of the accessories. The project has been very upscale, time-consuming plus labor-intensive, and installing drywall on the ceiling was especially difficult. It required holding heavy, bulky sheets above my head for extended periods of time, and several afternoons into the project, my back hurt so badly that I couldn’t even sit up. I went to the chiropractor plus was told that I’d strained my trapezius muscle; She told myself and others to rest completely for several afternoons. I was then stuck on the couch with an ice pack plus ibuprofen. The outside temperature was in the mid eighties plus my lake house was a torn up, disgusting mess. I felt very bad that my wife was continuing to work on our project alone. However, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t do anything. I am fortunate that our lake house is equipped with central … At least I was able to keep the kitchen nice plus cool. I have access to the smart temperature control through an app on my iPhone. The lake house is set up with zone control. I was able to make adjustments so as not to waste energy in the section where my wife was laboring with the windows wide open for the sake of ventilation. I was even able to direct the supply vents so that cool air pointed directly at me. It took myself and others several afternoons before I was able to get up plus start moving around again.


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