A respectfully working a/c is very important to our sleep schedule

At the start of the COVID pandemic, I began to work from home.

I truly enjoyed the freedom of working my own private schedule, and completing our work whenever I wanted, however now, over 1 year later, the boss has called us to go back into the office at the end of the month.

A large concern returning to the office was getting myself out of the haywire COVID quarantine schedule that I had gotten used to, and adjusted to a more “normal” schedule. The first month back, I had an awful time falling asleep at a typical second, and I ended up staying up all night, stressed about not getting enough sleep, and truth be told, I wasn’t. I was having such a bad time falling asleep because I was feeling pretty hot at night. That week, I called our local Heating plus A/C supplier to come over and do an inspection to try to get our a/c working more efficiently. When the contractor came to inspect our a/c, she changed the air filter, which helped aid the circulation throughout our house, plus adding in more coolant, since our plan was low. That night, I slept better than I ever had before, and I was able to fall asleep suddenly. I felt cool all night long and woke up feeling so rested. I sleep so much better at night with a respectfully working a/c, and I can’t assume that I hadn’t called to have our plan checked sooner. Call your local Heating plus A/C contractor ASAP to see that your Heating plus A/C plan is working respectfully so you can get deeper sleep each and every night.

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