A properly working air conditioner is crucial to my sleep schedule

At the start of the pandemic, I began working from home.

I really enjoyed the freedom of working on my own schedule, and completing my work whenever I wanted, but now, over a year later, my boss has called us to go back into the office at the end of the month.

My biggest concern returning to the office was getting myself out of the haywire quarantine schedule I had gotten used to, and adjusted to a more “normal” schedule. The first week back, I had a terrible time falling asleep at a regular hour, and I ended up staying up all night, worried about not getting enough sleep, and truth be told, I wasn’t. I was having such a hard time falling asleep because I was feeling pretty hot at night. That week, I called my local HVAC company to come do an inspection to try to get my air conditioner working more efficiently. When the technician came to look at my air conditioner, he changed the air filter, which helped aid the circulation throughout my house, as well as adding more coolant, since my system was low. That night, I slept better than I ever have before, and I was able to fall asleep quickly. I felt cool all night long and woke up feeling completely rested. I sleep so much better at night with a properly working air conditioner, and I can’t believe that I hadn’t called to have my system inspected sooner. Call your local HVAC technician today to see that your HVAC system is working properly so you can get deep sleep each and every night.

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