The rising cost of HVAC materials and how homeowners can save money

The pandemic has been one of the biggest disruptions to the worldwide economy and national supply chain that most of us have ever seen.

One of the industries hit the hardest by the national supply chain disruptions is the HVAC industry.

Some of the materials among the shortage are steel, aluminum, copper, and plastics. Many homeowners have noticed a shortage in HVAC materials, and the ones that are available have increased in price by almost 60%. With the summer heat approaching, it is very important for many homes to have a properly working air conditioner, but some are encountering problems acquiring the materials they need for repairs. Luckily, however many professional HVAC companies still have stock of many of the unavailable items, and are able to buy materials in bulk so they are unaffected by the price increase. If you are looking to upgrade or make repairs to your furnace yourself you may be surprised at the difficulty you can encounter when shopping for materials. Many homeowners have had trouble finding air conditioner ducts, buth flexible and rigid, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and more. Many local HVAC companies are unaffected by the nationwide shortage, which is why the smart move is to contact your local HVAC company today to find out if they have the materials you need. Most importantly, homeowners should schedule regular maintenance with their HVAC professional, to make sure that they won’t be needing repairs in the first place. Additionally, changing your air filter frequently will ensure that your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible.

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