What is the ideal indoor temperature for an office?

Complaints about heating and cooling in offices are common. It is either too cold or too hot, as temperatures vary drastically throughout the day and year. It is the temperature that affects the productivity of workers in an office and the levels of humidity and air circulation. Workplaces need to maintain a temperature range that is both suitable and comfortable for the workers. Office temperatures that are too low or too high can contribute to heat illness, fatigue, and cold-related medical conditions, lowering your productivity in the office. But temperatures also lower or heighten humidity levels, posing great risks to your health and office building. Generally, office temperatures vary according to your outside temperature and should be adjusted from month to month. Ideally, it should be around 21 or 22 degrees. This is the recommended temperature range to begin. Changes should then be made from that point onwards, checking that your conditioned air reaches all areas in your office and the windows receiving direct sunlight are not causing any issues. Since the ideal office temperatures may vary from one individual to another due to factors such as the weight and age of a person, there are a few recommendations that can help you achieve your ideal office temperature. Install deflectors on your air vents to direct airflow from workers. Control direct sunlight using blinds or louvers. Minimize thermal differences and draughts between the feet and the head. Lastly, ensure proper airflow in your office to reduce feelings of stuffiness, and improve indoor air quality.

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