I am feeling the lack of personal fitness training

With COVID-19 I don’t have access to my personal fitness training anymore.

I used to group fitness training classes a few days a week.

I would go early so I could work out, then drive to the office and then I could go home and have the rest of my day. Since the virus has hit, I have been working from home. So I am not out on the town anyway and would need to drive home in order to work. Additionally, my gym isn’t allowing anyone to work out yet. I haven’t seen my personal fitness expert since March. It has been six months without working out good. I have tried to take my fitness into my own hands and it clearly isn’t going well. I don’t know what the heck I am doing. I don’t have any sort of fitness gear or ideas on what to do. I know how to stretch and warm up properly. I don’t know any yoga poses and I don’t know what to do for weight training. Right now I have been going for runs or bike rides. That is all cardio work, basically targeting the same muscles. All the arm, butt and core muscles I gained from going to the fitness center are lost. I also must not be doing my cardio workouts good enough since I have gained weight in the belly. It is very discouraging knowing that I am just getting in worse shape since I can’t go to my gym. I am hopeful to be working out soon there.

Personal Fitness Expert