Always read the contract

I had always warned my child about getting into contracts; I regularly told him to study the nice print and make sure he knows all the details involved.

Well, I think he was never paying attention, because he ended up getting into an excruciating contract with an Heating and A/C supplier! He said that he thought their services were okay, so when the Heating and A/C specialist told him about enrolling into an Heating and A/C service plan, he told that it would be a wonderful move; The thing is, the Heating and A/C specialist made all kinds of promises about how they would cover all his Heating and A/C service and service task and they would call him to make the appointments.

When he enrolled in the contract, they never made the choice to call my child up for the Heating and A/C service work. They even claimed he would have priority servicing, although he had to convince them to come over to do any task on his Heating and A/C, and they wouldn’t even bother to show up half the time. He informed me that he wanted out of the contract and he asked me how that could be done. I was able to get a lawyer for him and the lawyer took this to court. The lawyer made the confrontation that the Heating and A/C supplier misrepresented the terms of the contract to persuade my child to get into these classes. The contract was fraudulent because they did not meet the terms of the contract, and they caused my child stress and had him miss the pick up and work with a wonderful Heating and A/C supplier. They ended up having to spend my money on my child, all the money that was paid into the contract and even more money for causing him pain and suffering. He learned his lesson to be careful about contracts and also wrote a negative review about this Heating and A/C supplier.

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