A little coaching could go a very long way

Being a somewhat new heating and cooling specialist at the local HVAC supplier is a bit of a nerve racking kind of thing, then i am fresh out of HVAC university and but I graduated from the school with honors, I am still not feeling one hundred percent confident, there are so many cool things in HVAC technology that I am going to have to learn through hands on experience.

This is why I was so relieved when I found out that the first month of working here that I was going to have on the job coaching on particular types of HVAC service and upgrade; My first on the job coaching was going to be on a radiant floors upgrade.

This is set to happen at the end of this week. The proposal is to have me go on this job and do the actual job with a veteren certified heating and cooling system service tech from the HVAC supplier right by my side to show me the ropes so to speak as I do the radiant floors upgrade. They will show me just the perfect way to kneel the heating mats and how to run everything to where it hooks up to the control unit the right way. It sounds to me like a genuinely complex thing, however, the certified heating and cooling system specialist that is going to be coaching me said that it is much easier than it sounds. He said that when we show up to the job to just do what I already know from HVAC university, and he will be right by my side to coach and guide me through the rest of it.



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