We were glad for the lower HvAC costs in the city

My husband and I spent the last fifteen years in the country. I cringe whenever we had to have any repairs done to our home. Not only did we pay for the service call and the repairs, but we also had to pay for travel time to and from the main business. The one time we had to purchase a new air conditioning for our home. Till we paid for the new AC unit, installation and cost of travel, the bill was well over $5000. I had no idea we were going to spend that much money, but we didn’t have a choice. A couple of months ago, my husband was offered a new job and we ended up moving into Clearwater. We bought a home that needed some work. We called a couple of Clearwater contractors and asked for estimates on the repairs. We were pleasantly surprised when we got this information. I have no idea if it was the city but when we called for some estimates to have the repairs done, they were much lower. We had to have a complete HVAC system installed into the new house and it didn’t cost us as much as it cost to have the air conditioning unit installed when we lived in the country. I am loving living in Clearwater because of the lower costs. Even produce and fresh vegetables are cheaper, which is surprising since we are no longer in the countries. I can get fresh pastries, breads and even coffee at a cheaper price. I’m thinking that we are really going to enjoy living in Clearwater.