No city is quite like St. Petersburg

If you are looking for a great place to visit in Florida, check out St

Pinellas County is one of the biggest counties in Florida. I guess it has to be big to be able to house St. Petersburg, the Sunshine City, as one of their most populated cities in the state of Florida. St. Petersburg was dubbed with the nickname of Sunshine City by the Guinness World Records back in the 1960’s. The then small town had over 700 days in a row with sunshine. People enjoy living in St. Petersburg because of its and eclectic scenery. They have events happening all year round, which makes it a hub of activity all year round. In January, we host the Martin Luther King Jr Parade. Then, we have the beginning of Indycar racing season. For three full days, St. Petersburg is pulling in the revenue from race car drivers, all of their entourage and fans who are there to see the first Indycar race of the season, the Firestone Grand Prix. Vinoy Park is one of my favorite areas in St. Petersburg. Vinoy Park hosts the Mainsail Art Festival and the Blues Fest. The live music, free food, drink and entertainment draws thousands of people to the park. My favorite event is the annual RibFest. There is something that gets the taste buds watering when you smell the smoked and grilled meats. Every vendor has their own spend on a sweet and smoky sauce. I want to try every piece of meat and rib that they offer. If you are looking for a great place to visit in Florida, check out St. Petersburg. It is also a great place to live, work and play.