Late night assistance

I can never sleep well when the air conditioning is not running.

When my house is cold I like to get under a lot of blankets.

If I don’t this causes me to lose sleep and feel uncomfortable. Luckily, I have never had a problem with my HVAC system. I usually sleep through the night pretty well. One night I noticed it was getting a little warm. I thought it was just a warmer night. I turned the thermostat so that the air would be cooler. The only change I noticed was the air getting warmer. I went to look at the HVAC unit to see if I could notice any changes. I have never looked at it before so that was pointless. I had a big meeting for work tomorrow and thought I was never going to get sleep. I was not sure if I could call the HVAC business so late at night. I called anyway and they answered. They told me they could send someone right away to look at the HVAC unit. I was surprised when they told me this. They said they offer 24 hour emergency service for problems like this. We never know when these things will happen. The HVAC technician came to my house and looked at the unit. He said there were some frozen air coils causing problems with the cooling. My air filters looked very dirty and clogged. He changed the air filters and informed me that the problem would be fixed soon. After he cleaned the filters and let the system run, my house was cool again. I should start getting tune ups on my HVAC unit so I do not have this problem again. I am thankful for the 24 hour emergency service they provide.
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