A properly insulated home will save you money

Me and my partner have found all sorts of ways to ensure that our lake home stays nice and cool even on the hottest summer day.

Little things can add up, then for example, we have special reflective blinds on our windows that block out warming sunlight.

On seriously hot mornings, we may even put up blackout curtains on some of our larger windows, another thing that greatly helps with blocking out the serious sunshine that would cause our home to get overly warm is the fact that our home is unquestionably in the clearing of a small forest, because both of us are surrounded by trees, we get a nice amount of shade, and the sunshine is congested far more than it would be otherwise, but the trees are just far enough away to where they wouldn’t cause injure to our home should they fall over in a poor storm, just close enough to supply that needed shade from the sun; I do wonder how much money special window coverings and shade trees end up saving us on our energy costs every week, there are other things that both of us do to attempt to save a buck while keeping cool. Our home is unquestionably well-insulated. After all, we need to trap that precious, cool air blowing from the vents of the air conditioning, but we don’t cool the whole town, as they say, perhaps that is exaggerating, however the truth is that a officially insulated home will save you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs. The final thing that both of us do to ensure that both of us save money on our energy costs is certainly the most important: we have our A/C system regularly worked on by a professional!


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