Hot weather forces me to keep running the air conditioner

I am anxious for the weather to change.

The summer seems to have gone on forever.

I can’t remember the last we had a day that wasn’t terribly hot and Incredibly human. I can’t even remember the last time there was dark clouds in the sky or we had some rain. For the past six months straight, it’s been an endless parade of hot, sunny days. The heat and humidity are getting frustrating. At first, the warm weather felt nice and I was anxious to spend my time out in the sunshine. However, after so many months of this, I’m ready for some relief. I’ve been looking forward to shutting down the air conditioner. Despite having a fairly energy efficient air conditioner, it still costs quite a bit to operate. I’ve done my best to seal up the house and prevent energy escaping. I set the thermostat as high as I can tolerate and make sure to clean the air filter every four weeks. Before the weather warmed up, I scheduled maintenance from a licensed HVAC contractor. He took care of cleaning the inner workings, tightening electrical connections and lubricating moving parts. Because of this, the air conditioner was definitely performing at its best. Still, the cost of running the air conditioner is rather expensive. I have been anxious to turn off the air conditioner and get out from under the bills. I’d like to open the windows and get some fresh air into the house. The ventilation would definitely improve indoor air quality. I’m worried that the hot weather will turn directly into cold weather and require me to start up of the furnace.


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