High School Boys Will Work With Personal Trainer

I am a high school football coach and our team is very out of shape. During the fall semester, I have to bust their butts with drills, but I also have the guys laboring on cardio all afternoon. Every now and then I’ll let them some of them go to the weight room to lift, but most of the time I just attempt to get the guys in fantastic shape. It’s amazing how lazy kids are these days. I guess technology has negatively affected the athleticism in today’s children. I’m not equipped to handle getting them in shape either, so I’ve started talking with a personal training center in town that offers youth fitness programs. However, over the summer, I’m going to need the team to go to the training center more than. They will do a group fitness class, which then turns into small group workouts based on their position. The personal trainer that they’ll work with is perfect. She’s a pretty lady in her mid twenties. My pre-teen guys will be thrilled. I guess they’ll all burst into gear and want to impress their new trainer. I don’t think they’ll want to fail, deliver up or do an exercise wrong with her carefully watching. She also seems knowledgeable and will be a lot of fun and come up with nice exercises for the boys. I really hope this turns into a nice thing and that our team gets into better shape. At the easily least, I hope the guys have fun while building a rapport with one another.


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