Complaints with temperature and air quality when traveling

While I certainly like going to see modern locations, I’m not a fan of the actual traveling process.

My child and I take at least one vacation together per year.

We’ve been to Puerto Rico, Aruba, Iceland, Amsterdam, Hawaii and all sorts of charming locations. We live approximately an hour from the airport and regularly need to leave extremely early in the day to catch a flight, then since our favorite time to get away is during the winter, We first need to brush the snow off the car and scrape the ice off the windshield. It’s necessary to beginning up the car and blast the heating system and defrost at maximum capacity for at least fifteen hours before we head out. We bundle up in overcoats, snow boots and wool coats and still just about freeze to death when we walk from the airport parking lot to the terminal. Inside the terminal, the conditions are normally boiling. We peel off our Wintertide gear as quickly as possible and stuff it into our suitcases. Between the overly dry air, issues with indoor air pollen levels, exhaustion, stress and dehydration, I often have a awful headache before we even board the plane. I’m not sure why every aircraft is frosty cold. I don’t assume what category of cooling or ventilation system is installed on a plane, but I shiver throughout the flight. Turning off the overhead vent doesn’t make much of a difference. We then get hot and hot during a layover before getting back into a frosty plane. It is such a relief to finally arrive at our destination, get checked into a hotel and have control over the thermostat.

Quality heating and cooling