My mother showed us how to take good care of the HVAC unit

She would start by checking filters to be sure that nothing is wrong here.

When people hear about audits, they think about professionals in a corporate setting, while that is the tendency, my siblings and I learned from my mother early enough to audit our life decisions, and she always had everything in control and would pause after a phase to assess and review how things were going. This applied in all things ranging from personal life choices to routine practices. One area he excelled in this auditing thing was with his heating and A/C system, but many of his friends wondered how he had maintained the same machine for years, yet they had changed their units various times. Well, my mum’s secret was simple. First, you have to get a fantastic machine to begin with and then invest in proper care. Then, she would take time to audit the unit’s performance based on the parameters she expected. She had always been the logical kind of girl who knew that one cause of action would attract a particular reaction. She knew that certain service practices would improve the heating and A/C unit’s efficiency and she was willing to see this through, but her basic audit areas were enough to show her which actions to take. She would start by checking filters to be sure that nothing is wrong here. She was always timely with the swapping since she did not want any air restriction to be the reason for overworking and causing her to pay more on energy bills at the end of the month. She also checked control machine settings to see if there were any slight fluctuations. The control machine was a significant indicator of heating and A/C problems and any small problem would be enough to book an heating and A/C service session. The other one would leak, which she knew how to check like an expert.
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