The thermostat is locked to a certain temperature inside my rental unit

Usually my wife and I stay in hotel rooms while we’re on vacation.

Since we stay within the country, we typically have the best luck just sticking to one of the popular hotel companies that have locations in every large city in every state.

Sadly, we had some bad experiences with disgusting accommodations during our last vacation—things like roaches and mildew that you shouldn’t put up with in a four star hotel. Our next vacation was planned for the gulf coast so we decided that perhaps it would be nicer to find a vacation rental where you pay daily, weekly, or monthly rates. You can find houses and condominiums in all sorts of sizes and locations that are available to rent in these short time frames. Normally you’d be paying monthly rent on an annual lease contract, but these vacations rentals are more of a hybrid between that world and the world of motels and hotels. Lots of payment flexibility but with the sort of accommodations that many hotels do not afford at comparable rates. Although a beach location seemed like a perfect choice, we soon found that our new home base for the next four weeks was incredibly hot and humid inside and out. To our horror, when we tried to change the thermostat settings, we discovered that the thermostat had been locked by the property manager. We called them in haste only to find out that the locked thermostat was mentioned in fine print in our contract. To have no control over your heating and cooling system while paying top dollar to rent accommodations seems like insanity to me. Unfortunately, we were stuck with the less than comfortable living space for four weeks.

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