The ductwork in my apartment is plastic flex and it’s already full of leaks

I’m immensely frustrated with my current apartment. I figured that renting something slightly out of my comfortable price range and budget would yield a better home with newer appliances and great fit and finish throughout. Instead, I was put into a terrible unit that has endless problems. The floors had to be removed and repaired the second week I was in because previous water damage had swelled up the subfloor so much in a section of the living room that the vinyl plank was bulging out and starting to crack in various places. It was disgusting to see all of that mold underneath the old vinyl they ripped out. I wasn’t particularly confident that the new vinyl flooring would be any better, but I was just happy to have the procedure over with. That’s when I started noticing leaks underneath my sinks where the p-traps are located. The building manager had the onsight plumber in my unit for two days straight patching leaking sinks. But, the worst thing of all came when I had a private HVAC inspector look at my ductwork. I couldn’t get the temperature inside below 77 degrees and I was convinced the thermostat and air handler where still working from the initial inspection upon my original move-in date. I assumed that if there was something wrong with my system, it had to be the ductwork or condenser. The condenser was in great shape, but the extremely cheap and flimsy plastic ductwork that is installed here was full of holes throughout. My technician said it looked like a complete mess. Now I’m expected to deal with four days straight of repairs and installation as they rip out the old ductwork to replace it with new.
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