The Programmable Thermostat Went On Too Early

I think my programmable thermostat may be breaking down very slowly.

  • I’ve had this programmable thermostat for quite a few years now, so I guess it’s due to need some kind of HVAC repair from a heating and air conditioning specialist.

But the latest thing that the programmable thermostat did may make me throw in the towel and call that heating and air conditioning specialist sooner than later! The other day, the programmable thermostat turned on my central air conditioning one hour before I was set to come home from work! Usually, I have the programmable thermostat set to go on about 5 minutes before I walk in the door. With the programmable thermostat going on an hour ahead of time, this could turn into more serious problems in the near future the way that I potentially see it. What if the programmable thermostat was to turn on all day, or, if the programmable thermostat would turn on and not shut off! That would either freeze me to death or give me quite the high electric bill. On the other side of things, the programmable thermostat may also just not work at all. Then, I would be completely without any central air conditioning, and that is not good this time of the year. Especially with it being over one hundred and five degrees outside! I gotta call the local heating and air conditioning company no later than tomorrow I think! I am not going to take the chance of either being without air conditioning, or, being with way too much air conditioning. Either way, it is a disaster waiting to happen!

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