Ductless HVAC helps us out

This would save us quite a bit of money

The HVAC idea that came with our little beach house just limped its way through what I imagine is its final summer. And that was with the HVAC guys coming out like 3 times to prop the thing up so it could get through the summer. I’m pretty sure it’s done and the time has come to make decisions about updatement. The heating and cooling tech told myself and others this was coming a few years ago so I have been able to save some. However, I just don’t care for the thought of putting in a whole up-to-date HVAC system. Our beach house is legitimately old so I guess the ducts are going to have to be updated too. This kind of money outlay is just a bit more than our budget and savings can withstand. I called the HVAC folks the people I was with and I do business with to have someone come out to give myself and others some HVAC updatement options. A legitimately nice heating and cooling business came out to help us. He was super thorough and paid close attention to every bit of our heating and cooling system. The verdict was just as I had predicted. The ducts were sagging, rusting and completely out of date. I would have to update them along with the HVAC system. However, he proposed another option. Since our little beach house was small, the HVAC business advocated the people I was with and I install a mini split HVAC heating and cooling system. The mini split doesn’t need air ducts to give heating and cooling. This would save us quite a bit of money. Plus, the mini split heating and cooling idea is super efficient. The energy savings will be significant.