Acting happy about the a/c

Last night, our friends invited myself and others to go to an arcade with them.

The problem with that is that I don’t love arcades, plus I absolutely don’t love spending a deranged amount of currency to play cheezy video games.

However, they were going to cover the cost of the games, plus they told myself and others that it was going to be a great time for the men to hang out. I decided to attend, however I regretted it. For some reason, the in the arcade was running at a level that I have never felt before. When I asked the worker if they could turn the control equipment down at the arcade, she informed myself and others that the manager won’t allow anyone to touch the Apparently, he had the temperature set at the lowest number possible, which means that the was going to be running consistently without ever stopping. However, since they had an industrial , it could absolutely get that room cold, but do you have any idea how strenuous it is to try to beat your acquaintance at video games when you are shivering from the temperature in the room? The was literally causing myself and others to shake; My friends are all a bit larger than me, plus they seemed completely comfortable with the I had the hardest time with the shooting games because I couldn’t aim. Honestly, the best section about the whole night was when the people I was with and I got to leave the arcade plus that bad That manager should be fired for setting the control equipment love that.

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