Maybe I should become a HVAC technician.

He talked to me about the furnace and the air conditioning unit.

I have always had a passion for gaming. I was able to play games that most people got frustrated with. I remember watching my brothers play the same game for months before finding the hacks to succeed. I would sit down for a couple of hours and I would have beaten the game. It was pretty much like this with anything I was interested in. Unfortunately, I tended to get bored playing the games and my interest moved on to creating new games. I knew how to use the computer and I was learning how to program. I was sure I was going to be able to learn how to create new games. Then my dad asked if I could help him. Helping my dad had me leaning in another direction. Dad was an HVAC technician and a really good one. He needed my help with doing something in the furnace. As he worked on the furnace, it surprised me to see how technical the job could really be. We were using a computer to set up the system. He talked to me about the furnace and the air conditioning unit. We even discussed the computer programming that went into the Smart Thermostat. I thought this would be a really cool career to get into when I was older. For now, I just wanted to work on creating my games and I’ll keep my eye on HVAC when I’m more settled and ready to be an adult. At some time in the future, I would enjoy being an HVAC technician and maybe even creating a HVAC company with my father.

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