Drinking water during workout:

My family has worked as grape farmers for multiple generations.

I have always lived in the country, and we never had access to town water.

My family had a water well and the water was very high in iron and other minerals. It had an orangish color and an odor of rotten eggs. It had an extremely foul taste and caused stains on our linens, clothing, tubs, sinks and even our hair. When I was a kid, bottled water wasn’t something that was readily available. There was no possibility of my mother paying for something we could get for free. My family never drank out water or got in the habit of drinking water. As I’ve gotten older, this has caused some issues for me. Even if I bring a water bottle with me, I never sip out of it. I have been subjected to severe headaches, nausea, chills and have even fainted due to dehydration. It can be a big problem when I workout. During an hour of high intensity cardio exercise, I become extremely overheated and sweaty. I need to replenish that moisture. I have finally gotten into a habit that works for me. I always workout to music. Following every song, I now pause to sip some water. I make an effort to drink the whole water bottle before the conclusion of the workout. Although I rarely drink more water during the rest of the day, at least I’ve consumed one full bottle. I have gotten more aware of the signs of dehydration. When I start to notice a headache coming on, I start drinking more water. I understand how vital drinking water is to my health and wellness.

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