Jump rope app is super easy and helpful

I prefer to jump rope whenever possible for my workouts.

I sometimes jump only for a warm up at the beginning of the session. At other times, I jump for the entire workout. I invested into a rather expensive jump rope system that has a single set of handles that work with interchangeable ropes. The ropes are different weights and thickness and vary from a quarter to two pound weights. Removing a rope and attaching a different one is easy and quick. The speed of rotation of the rope changes according to the weight of it. Each rope offers a unique style of workout. Due to the smooth rotation of the ropes, I’ve been able to accomplish new and more challengings skills, such as crossovers and double-unders. When I got the rope system, it came with access to a free app. The app offers guided sessions that are anywhere from fifteen to forty minutes long. I select from the beginner and advanced programs and can see a preview of the workout before choosing it. Some of the workouts only include jumping and switching between the various weights of ropes. The majority of the workouts through the app include other types of exercises such as crunches, plank holds, burpees, squats and pushups. Each exercise is on a timer with a brief rest period in-between. I follow the instructions given through my phone. There is an animated figure to demonstrate how to do each of the exercises. I like knowing exactly what to do. At the end of the workout, the app tells me the calories burned. It also keeps a record of all of my workouts. The app is perfect for those mornings when I don’t want to figure out what to do. I know I’ll get a great workout from it.

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