Intimidated by the people and equipment at the gym

The whole time I was growing up, I was slightly chubby.

  • My mom and dad didn’t provide healthy meals or encourage physical activities.

I enjoy reading, watching movies and playing video games. I’ve never been a part of any organized athletic activities, and I’m certainly not flexible, coordinated or athletic. As I grew older, I became more sensitive over my excess weight and got determined to do something about it. I put in a great deal of research, learning about diet plus exercise through online sources. After I graduated from college and was living on my own, I worked to improve my eating habits. This worked well and I dropped the extra weight. However, I was still soft. I realized that building muscle tone would require exercise. I knew the easiest way to get in better shape was to join a gym. The signup process was really simple. I found a gym in the local area, filled out the necessary information and handled payment with my credit card. I completed everything online. I didn’t need to step inside the actual gym. When it was time to finally drive to the gym for my first workout session, I was nervous. I bought myself a specialized athletic clothing that’s designed to wick away moisture. I spent a great deal of money on a top-of-the-line pair of sneakers. I was still worried about the other people at the gym who would probably know what they were doing. Although a guy on the staff showed me around and told me about the different equipment, he included too much information for me to keep up with. For the first few times I went to the gym, I strictly ran on the treadmill. I ran for a solid hour and observed how other people used the various types of the equipment. I gradually felt confident enough to try out the stationary bikes. I have now moved on to the elliptical.

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