Cooking while hot

I love to cook.

I have been cooking my entire life with my mom, but ever since I had kids of my own I have loved cooking even more.

I love to bring my kids in the kitchen and cook with them. We create our own recipes and it’s a really great bonding experience for us while they are young. I hope they keep these memories for the rest of their life. Well last week in the middle of baking sugar cookies with my kids and I noticed that the kitchen started getting warmer than usual. Normally the kitchen does get warm when you cook and your movie around, but this was too hot. I went over to the thermostat and noticed that it wasn’t turned on and the screen was blank. I knew right away that it was a bad sign and that our HVAC system might be broken. I really didn’t want to interrupt making sugar cookies with the kids so I just pulled out a box fan and we made the most of it. I thought it would be unbearable without the air conditioner but the box fan really helped. The next day I called a local HVAC company to come out to the house and look at the air conditioner and thankfully they were able to fix the air conditioner without any issues. I was also surprised at how little it cost me to have the air conditioner fixed. Hopefully, this isn’t an issue that persists.

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