Having a party when the ac goes out

I have been looking forward to my annual halloween party all year long.

Every year I go all out and I make sure that it’s a party to remember. I invite everyone that I know and make sure that the party is packed with people. Well, since there is a global pandemic going on right now I thought it wasn’t the best idea to have a giant party with everyone I know, but I still wanted to have some friends over and have a good time on Halloween. So I was getting ready for my party, I was already in my halloween costume, and I was already setting up the food. Well, right when I was getting all the food ready, my ac stopped working. Right out of nowhere the ac just stops. I could feel my house starting to get hot and was panicking. I tried to call my landlord so I could see if he could come out to the house and fix it while I finished setting everything up. I have lived in my house for a few years and I have never had any issues with my heating and cooling system before, so hopefully it’s not something really hard to fix. Thankfully my landlord was able to come out to the house and fixed my broken ac within minutes of people coming over to the house for the party. I am so happy that I could get it fixed and still have my party even with the lord in such a sad place.


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