Too much rain blocked up our A/C equipment drip pipe

All of us got a huge amount of rain this past week and the river rose tremendously… It actually got so high that the road to the village flooded out.

  • I’m really happy that the two of us had enough groceries to last us for a good amount of time.

We honestly kept expecting to lose power but the two of us never did. So the refrigerator kept working fine and so did the a/c appliance! With all of the humidity outside the two of us were very grateful for the air conditioning. It would have been completely miserable to stay inside all through the day, with the property closed up, and no air conditioner equipment. Gratefully, the two of us didn’t have to do that. Instead, the two of us got a week of relaxation in a nice cool property. Yesterday they got the road opened back up and my wifey and I were finally able to get back to work. It seemed basically like the worst was behind us, however, when I got back to the property from my job recently, I noticed an immense problem: our air conditioner equipment wasn’t working. It would not turn on at all no matter what I did with the temperature control. That is when I decided to call up our local Heating and Air Conditioning equipment company to come out and take a look. They arrived a few hours later and discovered that our drip pipe was totally blocked up. Apparently our air conditioner equipment had removed so much water from the air that the drip pipe simply was not able to handle it anymore. Rather than flood the house, most modern air conditioners turn themselves off when the drip pipe is backed up. So the a/c equipment specialists unblocked the pipe and now our air conditioner equipment is now working wonderful again!

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