I hate having the gyms are closed

Over the last couple of months, life has changed quite a bit.

  • Covid-19 has caused major upheaval in our lives.

The fear of this virus is impacting the way we eat, work, relax and handle our fitness level. I often went to the gym four or five times per week to work out. I’d see my friends there and often sign up for group fitness classes. On specific days, I’d run on the treadmill for six miles. On other days, I’d concentrate on arms and do more weight lifting. For a treat on the weekends, I’d use the pool and swim laps for an hour. Everything has changed for the worse since covid-19. The gym was forced to shut down for quite a while. Instead of working out at the gym, I was going for runs around the neighborhood. While it’s great to get outside and breathe fresh air, there’s some drawbacks to running outside. It’s difficult to dress for the weather. I swear I either dress too warm and feel overheated the whole time, or I don’t bundle up enough and nearly freeze to death. I’ve gotten caught in the rain several times. I’ve been chased by dogs, stepped in pot holes and nearly got run over by a car. Plus, if I run too many days in a row, my knees, ankles and feet start to hurt. The constant impact is tough on my joints. I don’t have a lot of other options. I have some free weights and a jump rope at home. That doesn’t compare to the selection of machines at the gym. I have been looking forward to the gyms opening back up.
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