Happy gym is open again

Ever since the local fitness center reopened after coronavirus, the place has been super busy.

All of the group fitness classes are filled to capacity.

There is typically a waiting list for an opportunity to meet with a personal trainer. The kickboxing, spin, pilates and yoga classes are all filled up. The gym has tried to keep adding more classes, more times and different varieties because there is such a big demand. I think that after everyone has been stuck sitting home for so long, they are anxious to get out of the house. It’s never easy to handle a good workout at home. The gym offers such a diversity of equipment. Plus, there’s none of the distractions. The atmosphere allows people to concentrate on their workout without worrying about doing the dishes, making dinner or getting groceries. It’s helpful that there are other people also working out. Seeing them is motivational. For me, I like the access to all the high intensity cardio machines. At home, I need to jump rope to get my heart pumping. At the gym, I can choose between the stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical or stairmaster. I can use the machines to lift weights and target all different muscle groups. I consider the gym as an outing and I look forward to it. After my session, I get cleaned up in the locker room and feel really good about myself. I was not happy while the gym was closed. My fitness level suffered. It has been really great to get life back closer to normal. I am hoping to drop some weight now that I’m following my usual routine.

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