Spin class is so beneficial

I really enjoy taking a spin class.

Spin class is a whole body workout completed on a stationary bicycle. My gym offers spin classes four times per week. I am currently taking the intermediate spin class. Our class is scheduled for 6pm on every other day of the week. I really like our trainer. She has so much energy and keeps the class very upbeat. She always makes the class fun yet strenuous. We start with a brief warm up period and after that, the intensity level remains extremely high. We switch between different resistance levels. It’s as if we’re taking on hills. I am always relieved when we achieve the peak of the hill and get a second or two to coast before it’s time to get back at it again. She frequently requires us to stand up on the pedals. This really burns some calories. The need to balance the body increases the intensity level. We burn a tremendous amount of calories during an hour spin class. I am always dripping sweat. I usually drink every drop of water from the bottle I bring with me, and my sweat towel is drenched. I feel great afterwards. I like that working out on the bike avoids any hard impact on my joints. I often have painful feet and knees after running. With the bike, I feel the burn more in my thighs and butt. Since starting the spin class, I’ve lost eight pounds of weight. I’ve toned my muscles and gained strength and stamina.

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