Gym may need to close

Since early March, membership has been increasing at the local CrossFit gym.

I believe that the reason is because of the coronavirus and fear of getting sick.

During early May, they were forced to close the CrossFit gym for three weeks. One of the members had tested positive for Coronavirus. The management was required to clean and sanitize every square inch of the facility. Since the facility was closed for three weeks, membership has steadily decreased. Many of the full-time members are now working from home. They are also staying home for their workouts rather than coming to the gym. The owner of the CrossFit gym was determined to come up with a plan to encourage more people to sign up. The only strategy he could come up with was to lower the cost of membership fees for a few months. He cut the membership cost in half and has been advertising heavily on social media. Since the membership fees are so low, I am anticipating more people to sign up for the gym and take the various fitness classes. If the membership discount doesn’t work, I am worried the steady decline in income will force the gym to close the doors permanently. I know the upkeep on maintaining a fitness center is quite high. Currently, this is the only gym within fifty miles. The closest location is more than 50 miles away. Our dedicated members will be super disappointed if this facility can’t stay open. I’m not sure I’d have the time to drive such a long distance to workout and take classes. I’m barely managing to fit in my daily workouts as it is.


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