Workouts help with recovery after accident

I ended up with several broken bones after a car accident that happened nearly six months ago.

I was not to blame for the accident.

The driver swerved to avoid a dog in the road and entered my lane. My car was completely totaled. The other car was badly damaged as well. I spent two weeks in the hospital because of injuries from the crash. My legs were broken and I’d torn muscles. I needed to gain the strength to use my legs again after the casts were removed. I worked with a personal trainer for several months. I am working out on my own now. The personal trainer recommended that I keep a workout planner. A workout planner is an ideal way to track daily activities, exercises and even meals. Each evening, I write down the exercises I’ve completed, what I’ve eaten and any physical activities. I write in my journal so I can see the results of my fitness program on paper. Two days per week, I run 3 miles, lift weights and perform a series of lunges. Two days per week, I take a break from cardio to avoid impact on my joints. I usually do a bunch of ab crunches, static body holds and weight lifting. On weekends, I take a group fitness class at the YMCA. I just started yoga for beginners. It’s a fantastic way to keep in shape, gain flexibility and increase strength. I love yoga for beginners because it caters to my level but leaves room for improvement. There’s always more strenuous poses to achieve. I am hoping to continue to improve and eventually move into the advanced yoga class.