Hired to upgrade nutritional program at retirement center

When I graduated from college, I had a degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. I found a few different jobs before I got hired at my current position. I am employed at a retirement center. I was hired to set up a brand-new nutritional program for all of the residents. The former dietitian had worked for them for 40 years. During that time, a lot of different changes happened to the building, staff, residents, and the menu. When the former dietitian retired, I was fortunate to get the job. I was excited to take a fresh approach. I am now collaborating with the staff and management to outline a health and nutrition program that will provide our residents plenty of minerals and vitamins for better health. We have eliminated those foods that are high in sodium and preservatives. Our new menu includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic grains. I have begun to introduce tofu as protein. Once a month, we try a completely vegan day with no meat, cheese, fish, or dairy. I think it’s essential to include multiple nutrition sources to the everyday meal plan. We benefit from introducing new and different types of foods into the diet. This is often something that is lacking in a retirement or nursing home facility. The management of this facility is open to my ideas. She has talked about implementing a similar diet and nutritional program at all six different locations. I am really happy with my new job and hope to continue to bring rewarding ideas to the facility.

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