Toilets overflowing at the gym

I work out of a large 24-hour fitness center.

We focus on mental and physical fitness as a complete package.

When I was first hired, I began working on the evening shift. I spent several months on the evening shift before I finally got promoted to an afternoon shift. There are some definite advantages to working the later shift. First, I’ve found that people are typically more friendly in the evening. The fitness center is not as busy then and I would always see the same people! The drawback is that when there is a problem in the evening it can be harder to resolve. A few months ago, a couple of the toilets in the men’s locker room were clogged. It happened without any warning and water was flooding the locker room. I didn’t think how to solve the problem. I contacted the plumber we often use but now one answered. It was after regular business hours. I had to shut down the locker room of the fitness center for the rest of the night. We couldn’t get a plumber to provide service in the building until the following morning. We’ve had several problems with the plumbing in the men’s locker room and some replacement parts were needed. It took two days to fix the issue. Less than a month later, the same problem happened in the ladies locker room. This time, it was during the middle of a weekend and the gym was crowded with people. The owner wasn’t willing to close the gym for the entire weeknd. The locker room only had one working toilet for all of our female guests. I am thankful that I do not work the evening shift any longer, because it is a lot easier to solve problems during the day.

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