Yoga class is starting up again

My weekly yoga class has been cancelled since the beginning of March.

When businesses were required to shut down due to covid-19, my yoga instructor had no choice but to suspend classes.

The beginner yoga classes were stopped first. The intermediate and expert classes were halted shortly afterward. It has been almost six months since class ended. My wife and I miss our weekly yoga class and our daily workout routine. I was relieved to receive an email from the yoga instructor this week. Classes are going to start up again next Saturday with some minor changes. We will need to maintain a 6 feet distance from each other and we are required to wear a mask. The yoga classroom has been equipped with an air cleaner to work to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses from the area. The masks will help everyone in the class to stay safe while allowing us to return to some sort of normal routine. My wife and I have missed going to yoga. We are happy to get back to a workout routine. At one time, it was necessary for us to leave work a few minutes early on the days we had our yoga class. Now we both work from home. Even though we aren’t going to the office and our favorite restaurant is still closed, we can finally get back to our yoga class. We plan to make an evening of it. We’ll take the class and work up a good sweat and then pickup takeout and bring it home for dinner. It’s unfortunate I can no longer go out on a date with my wife. We like to go to the movies every Friday evening. We haven’t done that in months. Covid19 has changed the way we work, live, relax and workout. I think we will be stuck with these changes for several more months.


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