Staying fit is difficult in today’s world

Emotional well being combines with physical fitness. The mind and body work together to create one effective machine. Each half of the equation needs to be cared for like any other type of complex machine. Keeping mentally and physically fit is an essential part of overall health. However, it’s sometimes more difficult to prioritize our mental and physical state of being during these trying times. Coronavirus has everybody staying at home and anxious. Our regular routines have been interrupted, changed, and in some ways destroyed completely. My sister Janice has 4 kids at home everyday with her now. Janice is trying to work from home. I can’t imagine how she possibly managed with all four kids wanting attention and needing her to take care of them. They definitely miss school and friends too. I haven’t been able to spend time at the gym for several months. I miss hanging out with my friends and I miss the schedule and the routine. I’m 34 years old and it’s difficult for me to cope with the changes to my life. I would think that the kids must be going crazy. I typically went to the gym directly after work for a strenuous workout. It was a beneficial way to alleviate some of the workday tension. On Saturdays I took a kickboxing class, which provided another good means of relieving work stress! Now I am forced to workout at home and I have no place to channel the stress. I try to fit in a fitness routine at home, but I am not as motivated as I am when I’m at the gym. I think that life is going to be in a state of upheaval for quite a long time. I look forward to some day in the future when I can join my friends for a group workout class at the gym.

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